How to become popular?

Many people will tell you how to become popular but few will actually give you some good advice. Some people think it is all about ego and the constant need to have everyone know you and your friends and even family.

It is about knowing how to take the time to understand others feelings, showing them respect and understanding their flaws. Just because you know you are the best guy at the party or the most handsome doesn’t mean you will be able to become popular, when you take the time to listen to others and treat them with respect and kindness. When they respect you, they respect you and your success in life and this is the secret of becoming popular.

One of the secrets to becoming popular is to treat others with kindness and respect. To make others feel special and important to you. How do you show others they are important to you? Well, you do it by sharing some things you love and appreciate with them.

Make a list of your top three things that make you happy and things you really like and share with someone. Share some things you like, those people who really appreciate you will start to notice and know how much you love them and want to spend time with them.

The great thing about doing this is you can continue to share more with others that they will see how much you love them. Don’t worry if they don’t like it or they don’t understand your reasons for liking them. They don’t need to know why you like them, they just know you care and that is enough for them. Some people like to see that you care but this isn’t the only thing you have to care about.

Once you have become popular, it’s time to get noticed. It is important that you understand what people see youas. Think about it this way, if you were starting out at your job and you would receive great benefits but no promotion and you would not get anything for your efforts then you will notice. You won’t feel as though you deserve the same benefits as someone who made an effort to get noticed.

The key to becoming successful at something is to have to be noticed by other people and have others see you. Treating people with kindness and respect is one of the secrets to becoming popular.